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My traveling bucketlist

A bucket list? Really? Could I be anymore cliche? Why yes I think I could. Well regardless of how overdone these lists are…I’m still making one and should you choose to read it, then good on’ya 🙂

Here it goes:
1. Go to the Outback. Nearly 1.5 years here and I haven’t been to the outback? What am I doing with my life. New mission: go to Uluru asap.Uluru in Northern Territory

2. Eat crocodile and emu. I don’t care that I’m a vegetarian…or occasional for that matter, I’d still like to try these suckers. I’ve had kangaroo, now to move onto some wilder meats. [Update: totally ate crocodile and it has the consistency of calamari but tastes like chicken? strange. it was deep-fried and i dipped it in aioli which makes everything on earth better.]

3. Adelaide and Barossa Valley – time for me to sample the fine wines of Southern Australia. [Update: heading here on April, 7!] [Update 2: did not end up going, still on bucket list]

4. Perth and Freemantle, WA – 35+ degree weather all year round? Sounds like paradise. Must go here when Melbourne is too cold to function.

5. Kakadu National Forest and the Daintree Rainforest: Just look at this video! Kakadu National Forest, Northern Territory
Oh and I must go ziplining in the Daintree, just look at her go! [Update: Tickets booked for Darwin in August!]

6. Canberra, ACT: Lived here for 1.5 years and I haven’t been to the nation’s capital? Appalling, especially since I did a mini-lecture on the urban planning of it! [Update: Visiting Canberra in July and it’s a lot smaller than I thought. Julia was not there so I couldn’t hi-five her. Bummer.]
Parliament House in Canberra, ACT[/caption]

7. Driving on the left side of the road! [Update: Successfully accomplished]

8. New Zealand: I must find Frodo and the rest of the hobbits soon! I’m planning this for September!

9. Dingoes! I have to see a dingo in the wild! I’ve seen kangaroos, echidnas, koalas, wombats, wallabies, and kookaburras out in the wild. Time to fly up to Fraser Island to see these cute doggies! [Update: Dingoes = not so cute doggies. Spotted one walking around Jabiru in NT and I just felt bad. It was a mix stray dingo and I didn’t take a photo because it felt like animal cruelty…poor thing.]

10. Graduate! Not really a traveling thing to do, but it’s the real reason I’m here (as much as I try to forget lol). Just 6 more month til you can call me Master. Bow down minions.

This list will probs get updated the closer I get to graduating. Cross my fingers I can tick everything off the list!

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