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I’m back!

I know I know. I haven’t written since I’ve moved back to the states! I moved to San Francisco, CA  in February 2014 and even though the posts stopped, the exploring never did! Last year, I went to Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Croatia), New York, and Australia! I’ve been re-inspired to start up my blogging again after I saw the Places Pins on Pinterest!

Isn’t this amazing? All of my travel pins on a map! What an easy way for me to now share my travels and guides! This is my first travel guide, but I’m going to add all my travels from last year onward so that I can have them accompany my posts!  I encourage y’all to do the same!

Be on the lookout for more!

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My traveling bucketlist

A bucket list? Really? Could I be anymore cliche? Why yes I think I could. Well regardless of how overdone these lists are…I’m still making one and should you choose to read it, then good on’ya 🙂

Here it goes:
1. Go to the Outback. Nearly 1.5 years here and I haven’t been to the outback? What am I doing with my life. New mission: go to Uluru asap.Uluru in Northern Territory

2. Eat crocodile and emu. I don’t care that I’m a vegetarian…or occasional for that matter, I’d still like to try these suckers. I’ve had kangaroo, now to move onto some wilder meats. [Update: totally ate crocodile and it has the consistency of calamari but tastes like chicken? strange. it was deep-fried and i dipped it in aioli which makes everything on earth better.]

3. Adelaide and Barossa Valley – time for me to sample the fine wines of Southern Australia. [Update: heading here on April, 7!] [Update 2: did not end up going, still on bucket list]

4. Perth and Freemantle, WA – 35+ degree weather all year round? Sounds like paradise. Must go here when Melbourne is too cold to function.

5. Kakadu National Forest and the Daintree Rainforest: Just look at this video! Kakadu National Forest, Northern Territory
Oh and I must go ziplining in the Daintree, just look at her go! [Update: Tickets booked for Darwin in August!]

6. Canberra, ACT: Lived here for 1.5 years and I haven’t been to the nation’s capital? Appalling, especially since I did a mini-lecture on the urban planning of it! [Update: Visiting Canberra in July and it’s a lot smaller than I thought. Julia was not there so I couldn’t hi-five her. Bummer.]
Parliament House in Canberra, ACT[/caption]

7. Driving on the left side of the road! [Update: Successfully accomplished]

8. New Zealand: I must find Frodo and the rest of the hobbits soon! I’m planning this for September!

9. Dingoes! I have to see a dingo in the wild! I’ve seen kangaroos, echidnas, koalas, wombats, wallabies, and kookaburras out in the wild. Time to fly up to Fraser Island to see these cute doggies! [Update: Dingoes = not so cute doggies. Spotted one walking around Jabiru in NT and I just felt bad. It was a mix stray dingo and I didn’t take a photo because it felt like animal cruelty…poor thing.]

10. Graduate! Not really a traveling thing to do, but it’s the real reason I’m here (as much as I try to forget lol). Just 6 more month til you can call me Master. Bow down minions.

This list will probs get updated the closer I get to graduating. Cross my fingers I can tick everything off the list!

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