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Going to the Outback MATE!

Arnheim Land view from Ubirr

Whew, it is HOT! This post is about 2 mo overdue, but I’m still feeling the heat (and bug bites) from Darwin. As part of my goal to complete my bucket list before I leave, I decided to book some tickets with my girlfriends to Darwin…all the way in Northern Territory to trek through Kakadu National Park. It is a long way to go for just a weekend trip, but the Melbourne winter was making me hate all my friends in CA even more for complaining about all the sun they were getting, while I was getting pastier than the creme you find in an oreo.

I’m not sure why, but everyone we told about our trip to Darwin was making this face O_o. It’s no duckface, but it’s also not very comforting when we knew it was just going to be just us 5 girls, going around the Outback. I think it’s more because most Australians had never been to Darwin so it made them realise that I, an international kid, was seeing more of Australia in 2 years than they had in their entire lives! But then again, my boyfriend has seen more of the US in 6 months than I have in 24 years.

Well getting on to our adventures (or mis-adventures really), 5 girls in a 4WD…Darwin and Kakadu (and us) should have been warned.

Now, what’s funnier than 5 girls trying to navigate our ways in a 4WD? 5 girls trying to navigate in THIS 4WD.

our sweet ride. not!

just when I thought massive cock was bad…

(Seriously? Who thinks of these things?!). Everywhere we went, we were asked ‘Oh you’re the girls in the massive cock, right?’ ‘Yes, man old enough to be my grandfather, we are the girls riding in the massive cock. Glad you think it’s hilarious…’ I don’t think I could have been any more mortified, but at least that is the great thing about Australians, they can always laugh. I guess if we were 5 dudes driving around in that, no one would have thought it was hilarious, but fortunately we are 5 cute (or so we were told by everyone we spoke with) girls driving in a massive cock.

So lessons learned from our trip:
1. Travel with girls and everyone offers to help.
2. Always put on insect repellent (my poor legs!)
3. Stopping on the side of the road to take a break from driving is a foreign idea to men.
4. Karaoke at 1am is always a good idea, especially when the Asian hostess is begging you to sing Achy-Breaky Heart.
5. Even if it’s the dry season, crocodiles are still around. I swear I saw one when we were at the river.
6. Always be open minded. You never quite know who you’ll meet! Totally true seeing as we ended up camping alongside some awesome Darwinians on one of the nights in Kakadu.
7. I’m really good a busting u-turns in a massive van. My lack of direction requires that I master this skill.

Now here’s some photos to make you jealous.

View of Arnheim Land from Ubirr

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