Wonder what the Aussies are actually trying to say to you when you talk? Um, all the time. Interesting how different lingo can be from country to country.

– hair of the dog: consuming alcohol that is aimed at lessening the pain of a hangover
– barrack for: which sports team do you cheer for?
– root: does NOT mean, ‘who do you cheer for?’ It actually means having sex, getting sex, etc…not even close to what it means in the US! Makes Americans look innocent!
– double-fisting: I won’t even state what this actually means in Australia…just know that you should never say it out loud.
– double-parked: drinking two drinks at once.
– footy: Australian rules football! These guys are hot…let me tell you. I only watch it for that.
– roo: kangaroo!
– dink: to give someone a ride on the handlebars of their bike, used like ‘Hey I’ll dink ya!’
– shout ya: to buy a round of drinks!
– goon: box wine
– spunk: another word to not use because it is dirty. No more saying ‘she’s full of spunk’ or ‘that girl’s got some spunk.’
– chewie: what a cute way to say gum 🙂
– ranga: short for orangutan, a red-head
– fanny: vajayjay if you will…never say fanny pack lest you want to offend someone lol.
– fairy bread: a slice of bread with margarine and hundreds and thousands (sprinkles) sprinkled on top..aka a poor man’s funfetti!
– fairy floss: cotton candy
– fairy lights: christmas lights
– chuff: content with oneself, i.e. ‘He’s pretty chuffed after that.’
– squeeze: A look through, i.e. ‘I’ll take a squeeze at that book later.’
– yanks: haha, who still calls Americans yanks anymore? Well apparently the Aussies do…
– yobbo (pronounced like job-bo): white trash hooligan? I’m still trying to figure out the meaning and how to properly use it in a sentence lol.
– spin the yarn: to chat about something


2 thoughts on “Lingo

  1. nvideae says:

    Actually “double-fisting” is drinking two drinks at once, one in each hand.
    “Double-parked” is when you have one drink in hand and another on a nearby table/bench/bar. Usually used to comment on one who is lagging behind in drinking pace.

    • krisnga says:

      Interesting…I use double-fisting all the time because I’m American and that’s what we say but the first time I ever said that in a bar with Australians, everyone looked at me like I had just said something disgusting…which apparently it is. But glad to know other Aussies don’t have a dirty mind and double fisting just means 2 drinks at once!

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