2:15 finish?

Huzzah! 2:15 finish…what a long 2 hrs and 15 mins that was! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I finished the Melbourne Half Marathon in 2:15…maybe a little less, can’t recall what time I crossed the start line. But anyways, as my 2nd half marathon, I am pretty please with myself…considering that I ran this HM 20 mins faster than last years Nike run. Yay! The first 10 km was a breeze and then that’s when it went downhill…I didn’t see any markers until we were at the 18km and by that point I wanted to die. Once I saw the 3km, I thought ‘Breeze…I’ll finish this in 2hrs no problem.” WRONG. Running along I was like ‘Hell yes, I’m so there…where’s the finish line?? Um, yea…then I saw the 2km sign…say what? It took me 10 mins to run 1 km? YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! The last 3km were so brutal, I was about to give up but why would you give up in the last second? Yea, I pushed on and finally saw the finish line, you can’t imagine how happy I was 😀 (<-something like that) I guess I ran so hard during the race (approximately 6:34min/km) that I ripped my shoe! Hahaha! So glad for it to be over…this training has been more intense but it totally paid off. Now I can add this finisher’s medal to my collection. Thanks to everyone who donated and supported me. Until next year!

Only 2 km to go and in pain!

One thought on “2:15 finish?

  1. Nice stems, girl. Toned.

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