Another Half Marathon?

My body asks me why I put it through this pain…and I ask of it, actually I don’t ask it…I tell my body that I’m doing another half marathon! The day is almost here, less than 2 weeks! Let’s hope my legs hold out for another couple weeks because this training has been more intense than last year’s…that’s for sure! As part of this year’s half marathon, I decided to raise money for the Environmental Defender’s Office Victoria. They are a non-profit environmental legal team that provides legal advice/consultation to communities about environmental issues. I guess not all lawyers are soul-less money makers! Good to know 🙂 I had a goal of $250 originally but I surpassed that in less than 1 week of posting my fundraiser! So I decided to up to $500 which I was able to reach, thanks largely to Jose Revuelta and Karen Nga! Thanks to everyone else as well, couldn’t have managed the training without you all!

Update: Just 4 days left til the HM and I’ve already started the carb-loading (just my excuse to eat more rice and pasta…not that I need the justification lol). I’ve surpassed my fundraising goal of $500 and broke $600! Gosh my friends (all of you) are freaking amazing! Thank you so much for all the messages of support, it’s definitely kept me going. See you at the finish line! (I’ll be sure to post a photo of me at the race, before and after…I won’t need to say which is which because you know I’ll look haggard at the end of the race lol).

Here are the trails that I’ve been running, the number marks kilometer!

Prince Park Run

Merri Creek Trail

Melbourne City Trail


3 thoughts on “Another Half Marathon?

  1. Aw you’re so cute with the little map trails. ❤ Hope the 1/2 goes well. Wish me luck as well…my training has been abysmal.

  2. […] Another Half Marathon? ( […]

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