Surfing USA! Sorta…

So it takes me a trip all the way to Australia to finally learn how to surf? Yea yea yea I know..CA is known for all of our surfing and whatnot…I mean we totally walk around in our bikinis and surf in between classes lol. No but really, my last encounter swimming out at sea was getting thrashed in the coral reef in Fiji so you can understand why surfing would make me a bit nervous :-/ But it was actually fun! We went down to Anglesea as part of our Postgraduate Environment Network (PEN) group, a nice study break. It wasn’t the best day for surfing but the sun decided to come out to play. Our instructors gave us about a 20min lesson and explained the basics…um, who knew that it’d be such an arm work out? And for those of you who know me…I have absolutely no upper body strength! However, once I got out to the water, I was rocking it. Okay that may be a bit of an exaggeration, BUT I did manage to stand up 4x! Hells yes! Total pro…now I just need a hot bikini to be like those chicks in Blue Crush…watch out California…new surfer on the waves!



Showing off our technique!

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