Wow, that’s so hipster of me!

Cycling. Yea that’s right. I said it. Cycling. For those of you who know me, I’m what they would call challenged when it comes to coordination. So you wonder why I would write about cycling? Well, I just got me a bike. A vintage one at that! Can you imagine? Kristine riding down the streets of Melbourne? Haha, well get used to that image because it’s happening 🙂 I’ve been on the search for a decently priced vintage bike but obvi all hipsters (esp girls) want that too, so that budget went out the window and I shelled out the $280 + $60 for new tires + $50 helmet + $40 lights + bike rack/basket + bike lock = $$$

I guess it’s a small price to pay to be green or more like it takes some green to be green. Though I can’t complain, I’ve ridden it 3x so far…managed to kick the chain off and nearly fell off trying to balance some shopping bags on it (maybe this will finally be the end of my shopping vice? If I can’t carry it on the bike, I’m not buying it). Goodness, you wonder how the seller ever agreed to sell the bike in the first place. Nah, it really isn’t that bad. Slowly but surely I’ll learn to conquer these streets, so far I’ve progressed to the bike lanes (baby steps – before I was riding on the share pedestrian/bike paths). Not sure if I should fear for my life or if drivers/pedestrians should fear for theirs? Either way, I’m going to make good use of this bad boy and go wild (though not too wild because riding faster than 10km/hr still freaks me out).

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