Americans down under!

Something I’ve been waiting for since I first arrived in Melbourne finally arrived! The Americans!!! Amanda, Michelle, Michelle, Sarah, Kirsten and John all came to visit a couple of weeks ago. We spent 4 crash course days in Melbourne experiencing all things Melbourne, from cafes in laneways to hidden bars to dirty hipsters. We went around all the happening hoods and stayed right on Flinders Street in a sweeeet apartment! Day 1 was pretty rough…everyone was experiencing jet lag and their first taste of Melbourne winter…chilly! We explored Fitzroy, the CBD, Collingwood, Carlton, and Brunswick. I was definitely cracking the fun whip to get everyone going to prevent them from succumbing to the jet lag and to make sure we saw as much as possible. Our goal was to stay up at least ½ hr more every night…considering they only made it to 10:45p the first night!

We were able to do a day trip out to Phillip Island to see the Little Penguins (aka Fairy Penguins)…smallest penguins in the world. Our party bus was pretty sweet…nice astro van to haul all the kids ☺ We managed to make it out of Melbourne and I will have to admit, Amanda was the best choice for a driver despite her choice in radio stations (Bruno Mars is never okay). I’ve never been out to Phillip Island myself so I didn’t know what to expect but we were able to see wallabies (aka wombats), koalas, black swans, kookaburras, and penguins. As awesome it was to see everything…it was FREEZING! How painful to sit there and wait for the 20 penguins…though I did get to perfect my penguin walk. Pretty awesome and realistic as everyone will tell you, haha.
The rest of the time was a blur…as we rushed through the last bits of our Melbourne itinerary…hitting everything from Victoria Markets for souvenirs to souvlakis in the CBD to kangaroo steaks at the Napier to laneway bars. How sad that the only kangaroos that we saw…were on our plates! Oh well, I’m pretty sure everyone agrees that they were pretty freaking delicious ☺

As we packed up our bags and headed to Sydney, the sun finally came out in Melbourne and everyone saw Melbourne live up to its name of having 4 seasons in one day! Our trip to Sydney was spent enjoying the Sydney Harbour as we stayed in the YHA – The Rocks. We did the Sydney Opera House tour, which was awesome and gorgeous! I would totally recommend it, though seeing a show there would probably be cooler. We also saw Bondi Beach, despite all the protests from Michelle and Amanda (and their stupid beach song)…you can’t go to Sydney without seeing the most famous beach of all! It was a cool and windy winter day at the beach but a lovely sight overall…nice and relaxing time for our whirlwind trip. The last night in Australia was spent at the Rugby Union game: Australian Wallabies versus South African Springboks…which Australia totally killed! Rugby + hot men + beer = the perfect way to end our trip! I’m pretty sure by the end of the trip, John was over us objectifying men! I’m surprised he survived the trip with all 6 of us girls! Goodonya mate!

But alas…all things must come to an end ☹ Saying goodbye to everyone at the airport was difficult…more difficult than when I first left in February. I’m very blessed to know that I have wonderful friends back home who are willing to come all across the Pacific to visit…if only for just a week. It was a teaser of what I have back home…great family and friends. I can’t wait to be back in the states for Christmas knowing that I’ll get to see everyone again. Love you all!


One thought on “Americans down under!

  1. amanda says:

    aww this is cute kristine! except for the part where you insult bruno mars and mush’s and my awesome song:)

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