Holiday? On a wetland?!

You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about so let me tell you…Dani and I decided to go on holiday to Brisbane. First of all, we should have known how disastrous the trip was going to be since we couldn’t decide where to go in the first place. Well we finally decided on Brisbane in hope of some sun. Our trip to Brisbane started off well enough, early morning flight and then settled into Bunk Hostel in Fortitude Valley. Man, is Brisbane boring! Tuesday night and nothing to do…what a disappointment! Luckily we met up with some of Dani’s friends in Brisbane to plan out a canoeing and camping trip for Thurs-Sat. On Thursday we headed to Gold Coast…apparently it’s the Vegas of Australia. What a weird concept…it’s such a tourist trap!

But anyways, onto the real exciting part of the trip. Our idea was to canoe to our campsite from Elanda Point in the Noosa Everglades. The campsite was ‘supposedly’ 2 hrs by canoe…though they had expected it to be ~3 hrs since there was a strong wind warning. So we get 4 boats (2 in each, 1 guy and 1 girl). We launch offshore and we’re paddling…it’s looking okay and BAM! The wind and the rain pick up. OMG, I forgot how much I hate boats. We’re all struggling a bit and then Dani’s boat capsized! Luckily it was a shallow zone so they stand up and get back into the boat. Continue paddling…2 hours later, we’re all wondering why we haven’t reached the campsite yet. We’re all thinking ‘Man Australians must be EXTREME if they can paddle to the campsite in 2 hrs…we must be weak!” My canoe paddles out farthest…we lose the other 3 boats and at this point, I’m freaking out! Once the rest of the boats reach us, we’re freaking out because we can’t read the map and have no idea where we are. We call the canoeing company to ask if they can pick us up because we’re not at the site and have no idea where we were…unfortunately they said no. It was after business hours and no one was around. So next time, I’ll need to be more courteous and try to die between operational hours!

Now our group is freaking out even more, we decide to call 000 (Aus’s emergency services aka 911). They ask if there’s any injuries and there wasn’t so they told us to sit tight and to make camp…it was going to be a long night! Forced to camp on the wetland, we tried to cook some dinner while water encloses all around us and we’re freezing our bums off basically. Finally we have some dinner and manage to get into dry clothes…bed time at 6:30p. It was the most uncomfortable night ever as we tried to cram 6 people into a 3 person tent and the other 2 in a 2 person tent. I managed to get some sleep but it was definitely interrupted by bird calls, intruding water, and fidgeting people. Finally morning comes and we pack up…to our relief the canoeing company calls us to tell us that they’re rescuing us because another strong wind warning was issued and there’d be no way we could paddle out before it hit. We finally see the boat, relieved we didn’t have to paddle back and they tell us we’re the very first group that they’ve ever rescued. We gave a great name to foreigners lol.

From this, I’ll never go canoeing again no matter how good the weather is…too much effort for the result lol.

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