Look at them Australians!


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There are some pretty strange things going on here. On my search to find housing, I’ve trekked through Carlton, Fitzroy, Brunswick, Parkville, and Northcote. Carlton, Fitzroy and Brunswick are all fun neighborhoods…quirky and dirty….even more so than SF’s Haight St if you can imagine. But anyways…lots of street art and vintage, hipster shopping to do…love it. But then there are also oodles of hipsters lurking around…I’m not quite used to the fashion yet, but it’s interesting. A few of the things I’ve noticed…people don’t wear shoes? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen people walking around without shoes…how unhygienic! Another strange thing…there was a young kid…around my age walking around in his little briefs, jocks as the Aussies call them, barefoot of course. He was just walking with some friends in Brunswick…not a care in the world. Now I will admit, I don’t mind this so much…seeing as those little jocks really do showoff a man’s legs quite nicely, lol, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t unusual.

This actually might be quite exciting…finding out all the silly things that Australians do around here.

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